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What in Injury – Types, Prevention, Treatment

What in Injury – Types, Prevention, Treatment

Bleeding starts when any part of the body gets injured or cut by a sharp edged object. It happens when an artery is cut. Bleeding continues rapidly and for long period.

Treatment: If the bone is not broken or fractured, then the bleeding portion should be lifted up. Bleeding slows down in this position. The patients should be laid down comfortably. The bleeding portion of the body should be pressed properly. It should be tied if needed. The bleeding portion should be cleaned properly with some anti-septic lotion and bandage should be put on the wound. Doctor should be called after doing the first-aid. Anti-titness injection can be given by the doctor. Anti-septic medicines are considered good in this type of cases. The patient should be given full rest when the bleeding stops.


Few accidents are such which makes the wound inside the body without cutting the skin like the blow caused by boxing, falling down on ground with head on and striking the head with door. It causes serious damage to the nervous system. The blood clots at these places and the affected portion swells. The blood at these places becomes blue or black in colour.

Treatment: The following treatment should be provided when blue spot takes place:

  • It is always beneficial to start the treatment immediately after the person is wounded.
  • The wounded portion should be wrapped with the cold bandage. A piece of ice should be kept on wound for 15 minutes after every one hour.
  • On second day, warm and cold bandage respectively should be kept on wound for 20 minutes 3 to 4 times in a day.


The pathological changes produced by a sprain may include damage to greater or lesser to ligaments, joints, capsule, synovial membrane and cartilage. Haemorrhage almost invariably accompanies the tearing of these structures and may present the most difficult problem in the immediate management. Here again cold elevation, rest and compression are the main stays in the early course.

There is a single treatment for all kinds of sprain, the weight of any kind should not be lifted. Mild compression should be put on affected area.

The joint sprain occurs when the ankle is twisted. It compels the bone to shift abnormally and the ligaments get affected and the surrounding tissues are injured.

The sprain is of three types:

  1. Mild- It is mild injury where ligaments gets damaged in smaller area. A person with this type of sprain works normally.
  2. Moderate- Few of the ligaments get affected in this type of sprain. The efficiency and strength of the affected portion becomes weak. It does not cause hindrance in working thus treatment is not needed.
  3. Severe- The ligaments get fully damaged in this type of sprain. The working capacity gets destroyed when the ligaments break away and get separated from the bone.

Signs and Symptoms: Following are the main symptoms of sprain:

  • The affected portion has severe pain.
  • Swelling on the affected portion.
  • The affected portion becomes soft and gives pain when it is touched.

Prevention: Following are the main preventive measures of the sprain:

  • One should take proper training and should know about proper adaptation.
  • The complete body should be warmed up before participating in any event.
  • The ankle, knee and elbow should be covered with bandage so as to avoid the sprain.

First-Aid: The following first aid should be done in case of sprain:

  • Keep the particular portion in comfortable position.
  • Wrap the cold water bandage tightly on the joint.
  • If there is no relief, then put warm and cold bandage over the affected area one by one.
  • If the patient is not feeling comfortable with bandage then remove the bandage.
  • Massage the affected portion with iodex.
  • If the patient is not getting relief from the pain then call the expert doctor.


When any portion of the body gets injured and bleeding begins then the bleeding portion is known as wound. Following are the types of wounds:

  1. Incised Wound: Sometimes our hand gets cut while using knife, blade or tin packet, that is wound and it starts bleeding from the wound.


  • Firstly clean your hands and press the incised portion with thumb and wrap a wet bandage over the wound.
  • If the wound is large and it is bleeding continuously then tie a bandage at a place which is little away from the wound.
  • Wash the wound with anti-septic lotion like Dettol.
  • When bleeding stops, then wet the cotton with tincher iodine, put it on the wound and wrap a bandage over it.
  • If the wound is large, then stitching by a doctor is necessary.
  1. Lacerated Wound: It becomes when wound is caused by brick, stone, stick etc.


  • Wash the wounds with some anti-bacterial medicine to remove dirt etc. of the wound.
  • Tie a wet bandage over it.
  • Try to check uneasiness of the patient.
  • Sprinkle cibazol powder over it and tie a bandage.
  1. Unbroken Wound: Such type of wound does not seem broken or cracked from outside. The treatment can be provided as in above wounds.
  2. Punctured Wound: These wounds are made by punching of needle, crotia, pointed instruments etc. which are very harmful to the blood vessels.


  • Clean the wound and take the patient to the doctor.
  • If the needle, thorn or nail are inside the body try to take them out cautiously.
  • Wash the wound with antiseptic liquid.
  • Put mercurochrome with cotton and tie the wound with a bandage.
  1. Gunshot Wound: The bullet of rifle, pistol, revolver and stain gun very often goes across the body and makes a dreadful and serious wound.


  • Take the patient to the doctor at once it the bullet is left in the body.
  • To check bleeding wash the wound with antiseptic liquid (soluble) and tie the cotton over the wound with mercurochrome on a cotton piece.
  • If the bullet is in the body, sprinkle cold water on the face to keep him in sense.

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