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What is Fatigue – Meaning, Types, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Relief

What is Fatigue – Meaning, Types, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Relief

Meaning of Fatigue

We feel fatigue (tired) after doing some work. The reason of this fatigue is that we lose energy by working and some toxic materials are produced in our body. We feel fatigue due to these toxic materials. These materials cause fatigue in a particular part of the body and make it hard for working. When we are not doing any work then our body gets the chance to remove these toxins. Thus, it is necessary to take proper rest between our routine.

Kinds of Fatigue:

  1. Physical Fatigue: The physical fatigue is the result of physical labour. The muscles become slack by continuous work and the person wants to take rest.
  2. Mental Fatigue: The continuous mental work causes mental fatigue. The concentration and thinking power of a person get slack when he does mental work continuously for a long period. According to Valentine, “the mental fatigue is only a boring”. So as long as person takes interest in his work, he does not feel mental fatigue.

Symptoms of Physical Fatigue:

The following are the symptoms of physical fatigue:

  1. The limb of the body which is used more gets fatigue.
  2. The complete body feels the fatigue.
  3. The eye lids become very heavy.
  4. Standing straight becomes difficult.
  5. The face becomes yellowish and dim.
  6. Yawning starts.
  7. Mouth remains open and the person starts breathing through mouth.
  8. The shoulders bend towards one side.
  9. The person feels powerless.
  10. The working efficiency becomes slackish.
  11. The person feels unable to concentrate on work.
  12. The person starts making mistakes.

Symptoms of Mental Fatigue:

The following are the symptoms of mental fatigue:

  1. The person loses interest in his work.
  2. The person feels heaviness in his brain.
  3. The nature of the person becomes irritating.
  4. The thinking power and logic power of the person becomes weak.
  5. The person becomes less energetic.

Influence of Fatigue on Learning

The following are the influence of fatigue on learning:

  1. When students get fatigue, their learning capacity becomes less.
  2. The students take less interest in learning due to fatigue.
  3. The students commit more mistakes when they get fatigue.
  4. The initial fatigue makes the students to learn more effectively. So, the work should be stopped after feeling mild fatigue.
  5. The tired affects children more than the adults. Thus, their capacity to learn gets affected more than the adults.

Causes of Fatigue

The following are the main causes of tired:

  1. Polluted Atmosphere: The polluted atmosphere of the class is the basic cause of tired. If there are insufficient doors and windows then there will be less oxygen and the students start feeling tired. Similarly, if there is dampness in surroundings, then there will be bad smell which causes tired.
  2. Scarcity of Light: If there is scarcity of light, then there will be less stress on eyes while doing any work which results in tired.
  3. Abundance of Toxic Matters: When the quantity of poisonous matters in the body increases it causes tired. The tissue gets damaged by hard work. These dead tissues cause toxins in the body. This toxin causes tired in the body.
  4. Non – availability of Job According to Ability: When a person is engaged in a work which is below standard to his ability, then he will get tired early.
  5. Effect of Climate: Excess heat produces fatigue in the body. A person feels less tired in winter season.
  6. Physical Inability: The students who are physically weak, they get tired earlier than those who are physically strong.
  7. Physical Disability: Weak eye sight and deafness of the students causes more tired.
  8. Non-Interesting Work: The work which is not interesting to a student will causes early tired in a student.
  9. Awakening in Late Night: When the students remain awakened in late night for some work, then the students get tired next day in class.
  10. Defective Posture: When the sitting posture of the students in class is defective then this defective posture will cause tired.
  11. Defective Time Table: The students get tired early when the difficult subjects are kept in continuation in the time-table.

Prevention from Fatigue

tired is not felt while doing any easy work or doing work for little time. But it is felt in those persons who do hard work. There are few precautions which successfully prevent tired:

  • If the person is worthy and the work is interesting, in both the cases fatigue will be less. Proper qualification and keen interest can prevent tired to some extent.
  • The work which need more time to finish should be started at slow speed (such as long distance running).
  • The work should be done with uniform speed. This should be according to your convenience. Uninterested work and speed makes tired easily and early.
  • The method of work should be such that it consumes less energy.
  • Unwanted activities should be less.
  • The body should be warmed up before starting a hard work.
  • Proper sleep and rest should be taken before starting a work or competition.
  • The food should be taken much before starting any work. There should be at least three hours gap between food and hard work.
  • The work which needs hard work should not be done for more time.
  • Working with listening music makes a person to avoid tired for a long time.
  • The medicine which reduces tired should not be used.

Relief form Fatigue

The following are the methods of getting relief from the fatigue:

  • Rest and body relaxation is the best method of getting relief from the fatigue. Rest is done by laying down straight, keeping the legs upward if possible.
  • Mild massage removes the fatigue.
  • After taking little rest, when the body becomes normal then bathing provides energy in short period.
  • It is convenient to get rid of tired through healthy drinks and balanced diet.
  • Sound sleep without disturbance is necessary for getting relief from tired.
  • It is better to watch television or participating in any re-creative sports for getting relieved from the mental tired.

Measures to remove Fatigue

The following are the measures for removing the fatigue:

  1. Time Period in Hours according to Age: The children get tired earlier than the adults. So, the period should be of 25 to 30 minutes for the children and 35 to 40 minutes for adults.
  2. School Time: There should be upto 5 hours time period of school. One hour time can be reduced during the summer season.
  3. School Interval: There should be two intervals in the school. The first should be after third period and the second should be after fifth period. The interval provides agility in the students.
  4. Serial number of Subjects: It should be remembered while making the time table that subjects should not be taught serially.
  5. Co-Curriculum Activities: There should be a period of exercise of sports after the sixth period.
  6. Proper Ventilation: There should be proper arrangement of air and light in the class. There should be sufficient windows in the room so that clean air can enter into the room and polluted air goes out of the room.
  7. Suitable Furniture: There should be proper arrangement of suitable furniture in the class room. The kind of furniture should be such that can make the students sit comfortably and do their work. They should not bent upon the table.
  8. Change in Work: The students should be compelled to do similar work continuously. There should be a change as per the convenience of the students. The similar work done continuously produces boredom and fatigue.
  9. Sufficient Rest: Rest is the best method of getting relief from tired. Therefore, the students should take sufficient rest after working or studying.
  10. Nutritive and Balanced Diet: The nutritive and balanced diet is very essential for the health of the students. The healthy student does not get tired early. Thus, the parents should give particular attention towards the diet of the students.

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