Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CAT 2022 Exam

Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CAT 2022 Exam

Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CAT 2022 Exam – The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is conducted annually by different IIMs on a rotational basis. Being a national-level management aptitude test, every year, more than 2 lakh candidates register for the exam to get an admission into IIM and other reputable management institutes in India.

As a result, the battle for the top bracket becomes even more fierce. As a result, a CAT 2022 candidate must ensure that everything goes well until the very last moment. The final days of preparation are critical for any candidate preparing for the CAT 2022 exam. Candidates should summarise their preparation and concentrate on their strengths at this point.

On that note, let’s discuss a few simple yet crucial last minute tips to help you bolster your preparation and with your confidence to be able to hit the nail on the head.

Don’t Start With Anything New

In these last few days of your CAT preparation never under any circumstance touch on any topic which is new to you. It is impossible to learn an entire topic in these critical days without becoming confused. The biggest downside of learning a new topic is that it will diminish the level of knowledge and make memorising pre-learned things more difficult.

Candidates should solely concentrate on and polish topics in which they are knowledgeable. Expert suggestion is to maintain polishing learned concepts and mastering them in the days leading up to the exam. Expert advice to continue polishing learned concepts and mastering them in the days leading up to the exam.

Revise Notes Daily

According to experts, doing last-minute CAT preparation with prepared short notes is preferable to touching the books used during the early days of preparation. Revision through short notes will assist you in brushing up on topics in which you are confident. Candidates may be able to figure out the answer simply by looking at their notes. This clearly saves candidates time and they will be able to cover the vast CAT syllabus in very limited time.

Therefore make short notes, while preparing a topic. For instance, if you are studying Triangles in geometry, make notes of types of triangles, their properties, congruency and similarity criteria, useful formulas and theorems. This will help you revise the topic quickly before the exam. 

Take Regular Mock Tests

It is always preferable to take mock tests every day, but due to the lengthy syllabus of the CAT, many applicants will not be able to do so. However, in the final five days before the exam, one should take mock exams and keep track of the time. When taking final mocks, one should create the atmosphere of being in an examination hall.

Quality and Not Quantity Matters

Do not begin by attempting questions about which you are unsure. As a result, one’s confidence level may plummet at the start of the exam. To begin, you should solve questions that they can answer while still reading the question. Candidates can enhance your overall number of attempted questions by setting aside the difficult questions at the beginning of each section.

Also while studying a topic, make sure to leave no stones unturned. For example, while preparing Trigonometry, learn about the trigonometric ratios, trigonometric identities, pythagoras theorem and properties of triangles to get a good hold on the topic.

Keep polishing speed and accuracy level

When the exam date approaches, students should continue to work on improving their speed and accuracy. Candidates should make a conscious effort to improve their calculation speed. Make as many mental calculations as possible.

There are lots of useful formulas and short tricks to cut short steps and calculations in the maths and reasoning section, which can save a lot of your time during exams. Therefore, learn and use them as much as you can.

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