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Intermediate Microeconomic -Hal Varian

Intermediate Microeconomics -A Modern Approach -Hal R. Varian

 We have provided this book ( Intermediate Microeconomics Hal Varian ) for you. We hope that this book will prove useful for you all. This book is thematic of economics. This book is also best for competitive exams.

CONTENTS (Intermediate Microeconomics -Hal Varian 


  1. The Market
  2. Budget Constraint
  3. Preferences
  4. Utility
  5. Choice
  6. Demand
  7. Revealed Preference
  8. Slutsky Equation
  9. Buying and Selling
  10. Intertemporal Choice
  11. Asset Markets
  12. Uncertainty
  13. Risky Assets
  14. Consumer’s Surplus
  15. Market Demand
  16. Equilibrium
  17. Auctions
  18. Technology
  19. Profit Maximization
  20. Cost Minimization
  21. Cost Curves
  22. Firm Supply
  23. Industry Supply
  24. Monopoly
  25. Monopoly Behavior
  26. Factor Markets
  27. Oligopoly
  28. Game Theory
  29. Game Applications
  30. Behavioral Economics
  31. Exchange
  32. Production
  33. Welfare
  34. Externalities
  35. Information Technology
  36. Public Goods
  37. Asymmetric Information

Mathematical Appendix

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Intermediate Microeconomics -A Modern Approach Eighth Edition -Hal R. Varian

Intermediate Microeconomics -A Modern Approach Eighth Edition -Hal R. Varian

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