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What Is School Records | What Is Records

 What Is School Records | What Is Records

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“Record means a written record of a plan, that is, to record a work permit.”

If this record is related to the school then it is called school record.

Being related to the school means keeping a regular account of the progress of various aspects in the school – teachers, students, staff, student admissions, examinations, library and academic and co-educational activities etc. This gives information about various aspects regarding the school. All these records are called records.

Co-ordination has to be done in teachers, students, parents and government institutions etc. for the success of the school. Many articles and records have to be maintained for this coordination. These records show what the history of the school is. How did the school progress and what are the direction and condition of development.

Therefore, society is an important aspect in the establishment of a school. For its sustainability it is necessary that the school has its own history and traditions. All this requires that the school’s accounts be kept regular.


Following types of records are to be maintained by the school:-


i) General register

ii) Log book

iii) Visitor’s book

iv) Staff record

v) Public relations record


i) Service book

ii) Attendance register

 iii) Leave register

iv) Confidential register

v) Teacher’s diary


i) Attendance register

ii) School leaving certificate

iii) Cumulative record card

iv) Admission record

v) Performance record


i) Daily cash book

ii) Ledges

iii) Contingency register

iv) Register of fee collection

v) Register of donations received

5. STATISTICAL DATA– Statistical information related to pupil enrollment, sex ratio, sex-wise distribution of pupils, pupil-staff ratio, cost per student, failure, records etc.


Advantages of records:

There are following advantages of maintaining records in schools:

  • The school records help to submit to the Department of Education.
  • School records help to judge the progress of the pupils on the rolls, their strengths and weakness and help the teachers and parents to bring about desirable changes.
  • The records also help to know the educational achievements of a particular school or even locality.
  • School records help in the development of healthy relationship between school and home.
  • Progress report helps teachers and parents evaluate the pupil’s achievements and progress.

Maintenance of records:

For maintaining records followings should be kept in mind:

  • Ensure that an alphabetical admission register is kept and that corrections and original entries are distinguishable.
  • Keep curricular records for each pupil.
  • Ensure all records are preserved as required.
  • Make an individual pupil’s educational record available to parents within 15 days of receiving a written request.
  • Pages of records should be numbered.
  • Records should be kept neat and tidy, overwriting should be avoided.


While preparing the progress reports following should be taken:

  • Entries such as name of the student, date of birth, admission number, roll no., Father’s name,etc should be made.
  • Marks scored by students should be clearly mentioned.
  • Grades should be written against the curricular activity section.
  • In the “Remark” section feedback of teacher should be written.
  • Report cards should be signed by the head of the school and class teacher.


The term ‘Report Card’ is used to describe any systematic listening and evaluation of something for information.

A report card communicates a student’s performance academically. Report card is issued by the student or the student’s parents once to four times a year.

Traditional school report cards contain a section for teachers to record individual comments about the students work and behaviour.

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