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Mahatma Mahavir Swami’s journey to become God

Mahatma Mahavir Swami’s journey to become God

 Mahavir Swami-  From time to time many religious leaders were born on the land of religious India.  The reason for this was the distortion of rituals of religions prevalent in the country, the practice of male sacrifice including animals was present in many religions in the country.  All this was a hypocrisy in the name of religion.  In such a situation many Mahatmas took birth on the land of the country.

  Mahavir Swami Ji was born at the time to establish religion and protect gentlemen, when the importance of yagyas started increasing in the country.  Due to this, the prestige of only Brahmins in the society was constantly increasing.  Animals were also sacrificed in yagyas.  In society, Brahmins considered themselves higher than other castes.  Other castes considered themselves inferior and inferior in front of the Brahmins. After some time, the Brahmins came to dominate the society.  They started harassing the castes other than themselves.  At the same time, Mahavir Swami appeared on the land of India to explain the true nature of religion and to eradicate mutual discrimination.


 Mahavir Swami was born about two and a half thousand years from today on the day of Chaitrasudi Trayodashi in Kundagram near Vaishali, Bihar state, in the house of Lichchavi clan Kshatriya king Siddhartha.  His father Mr. Siddhartha was the ruler of Vaishali. His mother’s name was Trishala Devi.  Before giving birth to a son, Trishala Devi had many auspicious dreams, seeing these dreams, she believed that the son whom she has blessed with her womb will be a son with great qualities and her fame will be spread all over the world.  Mahavir Swami’s actions also made his belief come true.  King Siddhartha expressed great enthusiasm on the attainment of a son, on this occasion he celebrated the festival with great pomp and gave many kinds of facilities to the subjects.  The Lichchavi dynasty was quite famous at that time.  The influence of King Siddhartha increased further after the receipt of a son.  For this reason, he was named Vardhaman.

In childhood, Mahavir Swami’s name was Vardhaman.  As a teenager, people started calling him Mahaveer due to the control of a big snake and a mad elephant.  He had no shortage of family pleasures, but these pleasures were starting to prick him like thorns. Mahavira always began to think about the impermanence of the world.

  He was married to a beautiful princess.  Even then, he did not get tied up in his wife’s love, but his mind was moved by the world, his father’s demise got more upset because of the death of father and he expressed a desire to take a break from the world.  On the request of his eldest brother Nandivardhan, he spent two years in some way and family life.  During these two years, he gave charity openly.  After the age of thirty he became a monk, leaving the attachment of family and relatives.  He got absorbed in penance for self-purification in secluded and peaceful places, after doing penance for twelve years, he gained true knowledge.

  After this, he started explaining the nature of religion to the public.  He gave his first sermon on Mount Vipulachal near Rajgriha.  Gradually, the impact of his teachings spread across the country.  Many of his disciples became influenced by his education and all of them continued to propagate his principles.

  Mahavir Swami considered life’s goal to be only salvation.  Mahavir Swami practiced Jainism through his knowledge rays.  There are five main principles of this religion – truth, non-violence, no stealing, no over-collection and purification in life.  He said that only by following these five principles can one attain salvation or nirvana.  He preached to everyone to follow this path.

  Mahavir Swami said that no one becomes superior or great by caste or race nor does it have any permanent life value.  Everyone’s soul should be treated like their soul, this is humanity.  Lord Mahavir Swami is revered and revered even today as the twenty-fourth Tirthankar of Jainism.  However, at the age of 72, your death occurred on the occasion of Kartik month, in the state of Bihar, Papapur.

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