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Interesting facts related to Rajiv Gandhi’s personality

Interesting facts related to Rajiv Gandhi’s personality

Rajiv Gandhi- The cruel hands of Kaal are also so cruel, I do not believe it.  When the wheel of time changes, it creates new events.  This misfortune was once awakened when Mahatma Gandhi was abolished in the prayer meeting by Nathuram Godse.  The country was weeping with hiccups, people would say who will show the way now.  This problem-ridden country and then started beating the head.  Public hesitations were interrupted by Jawaharlal ji persuasion and patience.  After 8 years, the country’s misfortune again took a turn and Pt. Nehru died.  The dress remained speechless and the country became orphaned.  The eyes of the public gave him a tear through his tears, but he rose from the heart and could not stop.  People would say what will happen to this country now.


 People used to cry with the name of Pandit Nehru.  Unfortunate again awoke, the turn changed and took Indira ji in a jolt.  The world offered flowers, but innumerable people of the country offered their tears.  Head beaten, umbrellas smoked, self-immolation and self-sufficiency occurred but misfortune kept on laughing.  This country of azar and immortals at the back of the country, with the help of patience and consolations, slowly rose again, supported and stepped forward to move forward.  It has been decided with all consent to make Mrs Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Mrs Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India.  As Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi broadcast the name of the nation – he said in big words, he was the mother of all, not only my mother.  Indira Gandhi’s soul was saddened by violence, hatred and malice – you should be calm and be patient.  The tears of the weeping citizens weeping and went away – the whole nation became enchanted.  On one side Indiraji’s body was lying, on the other hand Mother’s ladla was busy in the service of Mother India holding the tears – Rajivji wiped the tears of the grieving masses all night by wandering in the settlements of Delhi with a heavy storm in his heart.

Rajivji’s personality had such an impact on everyone that hatred was halted.  Rajiv ji’s tenderness, sweet nature, honesty are such qualities that he did not think that he would bear the duties of politics and diplomacy so well, but he took the balanced decision one after the other, and the whole world became dependent on him.  That monstrous problem that took the soul of the entire nation and dear nation from the life of Mrs. Indira Gandhi with boldness and peaceful manner Resolve a wondrous work.  Does Rajiv ji have any divine power?  Or is she the embodiment of some power – no she is the mother of India.  Sitting on the head of Pandit Jawaharlal ji, making him a horse and playing and playing, he got his education in politics since childhood.  He is a worthy child of a great father like Feroze Gandhi.  Dear mother Indira Gandhi, all over the world, brought her to life by holding her finger while walking on her knees.  Proficiently consulted him on serious issues and made him efficient in politics.  Taught to live for the nation and die for the nation.  The time for Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections had come, Rajiv ji had determined to face these elections firmly, he could have postponed the elections for a few days, but he was a mother who learned to look back. Was not.  It was a historic decision to hold elections on time.  Rajiv ji showed his arrogance and political acumen by conducting elections within two months of the assassination of Mrs Gandhi.  He toured the entire country fearlessly like an iron man.


 Rajiv ji received unprecedented reception wherever he went.  Blessed are the people of India, who once again took over the reins of the country in the hands of this son of India.  Rajiv ji broke all the old records whether in the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha.  Rajiv ji was born on 20 August 1943 and at the age of only 40, he was able to realize his wisdom by sitting among the few people in the world and showing his determination to place India in the top countries of the world.  Huh.  May God viva them so that the India of the 21st century which they imagine is in their mind, can take the form of realization and high and low corruption in India.  He always engaged in life to remove evils like intrusions, treason, poverty, backwardness, unemployment, dowry system, atrocities on women.  Rajiv Gandhi introduced the much-awaited 64th Panchayati Rajvidhyak Constitution Amendment to Parliament on 15 May 1989 with the aim of ending the brokers and middlemen of power between the people and the government.  It was an attempt to bring self-government to the people, it was a political revolution.

On 5 June 1989, the workers gathered at his residence had told that five to five parliament is not enough to address the complaints of 80 crore people.  Turning around, the problems of villages and streets are brought to the Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister himself.  The right to hear the voice of eighty million people from the Panchayati Raj system will come to 20 lakh nomads, which is certainly very big.  Then the problems will be resolved at the panchayat houses, locality, village and block level.  One hundred to five hundred people will choose these representatives, who will definitely work to curb those who tout power.  In 1988, Rajiv Gandhi launched a comprehensive scheme for the educated unemployed.  As a result of Indira ji’s efforts, till now loans were given from banks only for the uneducated unemployed, but Rajiv Gandhi also supported the educated by making this field more comprehensive.  Sri Rajiv Gandhi, who was eager to take the great worshippers of democracy into the twenty-first century, propagating and spreading his policies in the country, when the South India arrived, the cruel misfortune of the country blossomed.


 On May 21, 1991, the country’s misfortune was awakened and it again changed its course.  In Perumbudur village of Madras, people were flocking for darshan, photographers from abroad were taking photos with flash lights turned on to take photos of them.  Wrestling to wreath, journalists were eager to go ahead and do some wooing. Misfortune took a final wink and a suicidal woman came close to touching and wreath Rajiv Gandhi’s feet, pressed a button in her belt, a bomb tied to her waist.  The explosion of the body of the former and future Prime Minister of the country, Rajiv Gandhi’s body flew into the sky and then collapsed in awe the people of standing.  The police cordoned off all around.  In a few moments news of this heart-breaking accident spread throughout the world.  Information broadcasting mediums of the world started broadcasting the irony of this method from the head.  The country was stunned once again.  The innocent and destitute people of the country once again became helpless.  Misfortune with the people of the country once again played the cruel game.  The body of Shri Rajiv Gandhi was brought to Delhi by army aircraft and the public gathered for the last glimpse of his leader.  For the last darshan, Rajiv Gandhi’s body was kept in Teen Murti Bhavan at the exact place where his maternal grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru and his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi were given a final farewell by the bereaved nation.  Shakti reached the venue with state honours.  The funeral procession ended.  Paying tribute to the flowers with tears and trembling hands, the immense crowd paid their last respects to their leader.  The politicians of the world paid their tributes.  On May 24, 1991, 5.25 pm, his beloved son Rahul dedicated him to the fire of Chita.  What does fate not do.

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